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The Cosmic Chain: From the Sun to the Son

From celestial spheres, life's brilliance does burst,
The Sun, our radiant beacon, quenching Earth's thirst.
Its golden warmth unfolds each day anew,
In its light, we toil, and our hopes accrue.

Just as the Sun in our heavens does shine,
Our sons, our promise, through ages align.
Through their labor, and love's enduring flame,
They sow tomorrow's harvest in our name.

As the Sun brings forth life from barren sod,
We glimpse the wondrous mystery of God.
For as the Son came down to heal and save,
He taught us to be brave, to love, to pave

A path through sacrifice, hardship, and strife,
Guiding our steps from the dawn to the dusk of life.
Through the Sun's energy, our sons learn to sow,
In every seed planted, love's bounty does grow.

In these echoes of the past, we see our redemption,
From Sun to son, a cosmic chain of ascension.
For as the Sun nurtures seed in the ground,
Through the Son, our salvation is found.

So through every sunrise, every twilight's glow,
In each son's laughter, in every seed we sow,
We glimpse a thread, a divine narrative spun,
Linking us all, from the Son to the Sun.

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